Solstice - Long Island, The Bahamas

Green Living

Gecko at SolsticeSolstice strives to be the most environmentally conscious vacation house on the market. Without sacrificing comfort or convenience, Solstice significantly lightens its impact on the environment though a number of eco-friendly features and initiatives. Long Island is a prime Caribbean ecotourism destination and our commitment to environmental sustainability is the perfect compliment to that.

Clean Energy

Solar power at SolsticeThe Bahamas generates most of its electricity using imported diesel fuel - one of the least efficient and most polluting sources available. At Solstice, photovoltaic solar panels generate completely clean electricity using the abundant Bahamian sunshine.

Your rental payment also supports clean energy and environmental programs in the Bahamas. Click here for more details about the positive ways your rental payment is used.

Natural Rainwater Collection and Recycling

GardenThe lush vegetation and turquoise waters disguise the fact that Long Island is semi-arid. During the dry season, months can pass without rain and there are few natural sources of fresh water on the island. The local water utility needs to manufacture fresh water from salt water using reverse osmosis. However, the drinking water at Solstice is natural rainwater. Over 30,000 gallons of rainwater storage tanks sit under Solstice and Kaleidoscope, providing a reliable supply of fresh water year-round without the use of chemicals or energy. The water that comes out the tap is exactly as nature provided it.

The edible plants are irrigated using the same pure rain water. Ornamental plants are watered using recycled "gray water" that is washed down the sinks, showers and appliances. Solstice is a natural part of the local water cycle.

It's Green Inside...

Inside Solstice, a number of small touches make for a safer and healthier world for our guests and the environment:

  • Biodegradable bath and kitchen products are supplied for guest use. Cleaning supplies are chosen for their safety and low environmental impact.
  • A simple and clean system allows guests to set aside food waste for later composting in the gardens.
  • Sheets are made from organic cotton and natural dyes.
  • The appliances installed at Solstice are some of the most energy and water efficient on the market.
  • Ceiling fans and cross-breezes in every room provide ample natural cooling, though high-efficiency air conditioners are also installed in two bedrooms.

Papaya at Solstice...And Outside

 In addition to providing our guests with fresh fruit and beautiful flowers, the lush gardens and forest that surround Solstice also protect the land from erosion and act as a natural buffer against the elements.