Solstice - Long Island, The Bahamas

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Solstice and Kaleidoscope ever rented separately?
No. In order to ensure the complete privacy of our guests and to provide the full range of amenities, the two houses are always rented together for one price.

Is Solstice appropriate for children?
Solstice is good for school-age children but it isn't a place where toddlers can safely roam free. Young children have stayed at Solstice and had an enjoyable and safe time but they will need supervision. Also be aware that two of the bedrooms at Solstice are detached from the main living area so parents or children staying in those rooms will not be near each other. If you have young children, we can discuss your particular circumstances and see if Solstice is right for you.

How far is the beach from the house?
From Solstice, it is about 250 feet down a wooded trail. It is a one minute leisurely walk or 30 seconds if you are very eager. From Kaleidoscope, it is another minute or so on top of that.

Do you have air conditioning?
Two of the bedrooms in Solstice are air conditioned. The other rooms in both houses all have cross-breezes and powerful ceiling fans, but no air conditioning.

What is the maximum occupancy?
10 to 20 people, depending on the needs of your group. We have plenty of linens, dishes, large common rooms etc. The limitation would be in the beds/bedrooms. Each house has three bedrooms plus a convertible sleeping space. Every bedroom has its own bathroom plus each house has another bathroom off the main living area. All bathrooms have a shower and no tub.

In Solstice:

  1. Upstairs bedroom with queen bed (in the main building of the house). Garden view.
  2. Downstairs bedroom with queen bed (it is a detached suite accessible by an outdoor stairway). Ocean view and air conditioning.
  3. Garden bedroom with queen bad (also a detached suite across the garden on the main level). Garden view and air conditioning.
  4. Theater room (upstairs) with a day bed and convertible sofa (both double size). People sleeping there can share the upstairs bedroom’s bathroom or go downstairs to the main floor bathroom. Ocean view.

In Kaleidoscope (all bedrooms in Kaleidoscope are under the same roof and have an ocean view):

  1. Yellow bedroom with queen bed. It is in its own wing of the house and considered Kaleidoscope’s master bedroom.
  2. Blue bedroom with two double beds.
  3. Pink bedroom with queen bed. It has its own small full bathroom or it can share with the blue bedroom’s larger bathroom (which can be accessed from either bedroom).
  4. Loft upstairs with a double futon sofa and half bath. A full bathroom is available off the living room below.

We also have one inflatable mattress (full/double size).

How close is the nearest grocery store? Restaurant?
Nothing is exactly "close" to Solstice, its remoteness is one of its charms. But you can reach the best grocery stores on the island and a half-dozen of the closest restaurants in 15 to 20 minutes. 

Is the tap water safe to drink?
The tap water at Solstice is rainwater with no processing or chemicals added, for better or worse. It is tested once a year for purity but unlike your municipal water system back home, it is not constantly monitored. If you are sensitive or cautious, you may want to drink bottled water which is available at all of the grocery stores on the island. However, we drink the tap water ourselves and most guest we have spoken to has done the same without any complaint.

Is the rent tax deductible since it all goes to charity?
Because you receive something of equal value to your donation, your payment is not tax deductible.

Are there lots of bugs?
It really depends on the weather.The usual formula is "Rain + No Wind = Mosquitoes." Long Island is drier than most areas in the Caribbean but in the tropics rain can still come any time. Winter and spring is generally drier with fewer insects. During the summer and fall, there is a greater chance of bugs. However, often there are long dry spells during the summer that are bug-free or sometimes rainy periods during the "dry season" so you never know for sure. Rest assured that all the windows and doors at Solstice and Kaleidoscope are fully screened. The property is also up on a hill to catch the breeze and there are no nearby ponds and marshy areas.

Is Solstice accessible to people with limited mobility?
The path to the cove is not steep but it is a dirt trail with about 60 feet of elevation loss/gain. The very short trail between the houses is also dirt and a bit rough. Particularly in Solstice, stair-climbing is required to reach many of the rooms. Wheelchair users would have difficulty navigating the property.

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