Solstice - Long Island, The Bahamas

The Private Cove and Beach

Side of Cove at Solstice Long Island Bahamas

Just a minute's walk from your doorstep, down a pleasant tree-lined trail, lies the dream of every tropical vacationer: a private secluded cove with a sandy beach and water that is as clear, calm and warm as a swimming pool.

Private beach at Solstice Long Island BahamasSome rental houses claim that they have a "private beach" but this usually means that the property owns a portion of a larger beach which is accessible to the public and visible from other houses. However, the beach at Solstice is completely surrounded by our property and the only land access is from the houses. The cove's seclusion and calm waters made it a favorite hiding place for pirates and smugglers in years past, but today the only footprints you will see in the fine white sand will be your own. Your cove and the miles of wild coastline around it will make you feel like you are staying on your own private island.

The western coast of Long Island is protected from the prevailing wind and waves. The enclosed cove provides even more protection, so the water at Solstice is almost always calm and good for swimming or snorkeling all year. The soft sandy bottom is perfect for wading and water play. The rocks along the sides of the cove are home to colorful reef fish, corals and sponges. We have snorkel gear, kayaks and many water toys available for guest use.

Fish in cove Fish in cove Under the cove

 Our Facebook page has more underwater photos taken in the cove.

Gazebo at Solstice Cove Long Island Bahamas Even out of the water, the cove is a great place to relax. The light color of the sand means that it is always cool on your feet, even on a sunny afternoon. If you would like to get out of the sun, a thatched roof gazebo right on the beach is designed in harmony with the natural setting. It is equipped with lounge chairs, tables, ceiling fan, a charcoal barbeque and outdoor shower.

At low tide, the water in the cove and beyond is only chest-deep and you can explore the coast by wading or paddling one of Solstice's two kayaks. The crystal-clear water allows you to see fish while wading or from our many water toys, though the best views are with a snorkel mask.

View inside the cove looking down the coast of Long Island Path to cove

While there is great fishing on Long Island, we ask guests not to fish in the cove or the nearby coast to preserve the wildlife for future guests and future generations.